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Must Haves in A Writer’s Portfolio

Being a content writer is tricky, because there’s a lot of writing that you need to present in your portfolio in hopes of getting an occupation in the same position. This depends on who’s hiring, but the minimum requirements for a content writer is usually the same. Check out below on what you should include in your portfolio to be considered a professional content writer.

Published Writing

As said before, you must have done a lot of writing. However, in your portfolio, you must include published writing as well. Published means that it is recognized by a credible publisher, such as a newspaper, magazine, or well-known website. You’ll need a fair amount of these when you apply to a content writing job, because it reflects that you can write content that is intended for a large audience.

Go for writing competitions and review submissions for an easy publishing. Small newspapers, magazines, and niche websites are usually pretty easy to get through. Make sure you provide a copy inside your portfolio, but not the original piece. Keep the original piece safe for your own memoirs.

Blog Writing

The digital era is here, which means that your writing has got to be there too. A lot of companies are going to ask for samples of your writing via link, which means that you’re gonna have to own a blog. You can easily create a blog using best WordPress hosting and customize it to your own liking. Make sure that the blog article that you present in your portfolio has a moderate to high amount of traffic, to show recruiters that your writing gains a lot of attention from the audience. You should also provide the link in addition to the screen capture of your blog post.

Social Media Writing

What we mean by social media writing are simply the captions you use or the copywriting you place on your posts. If it gained a lot of likes and comments, then it’s worth showing. In addition to being able to attract and engage audience through concise writing, you will also show recruiters that your photo content is popular. You can boast that you have photography skills if, for example, one of your Instagram picture posts with your own poem as the caption invites a lot of people to like and comment. You can also screen capture Tweets that became viral or Facebook posts that is shared many times.