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Online Event Solutions is an online event management program designed to streamline your planning preparations for your upcoming events from start to finish. This program provides tracking capabilities for all of your financial data, including: donated items, table sales, event sponsorships, and expenses, all from one collective database. The website has several capabilities.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Attendees can purchase event tickets / tables from the convenience of the website
  • Event sponsorships can be purchased on the website
  • Receipt confirmations are sent to both you and the purchaser for tracking and tax purposes
  • You can enter in donations from your home or office without additional costs
  • Send donor thank you letters easily and quickly
  • Bid numbers are automatically assigned upon completing a reservation
  • Pull financial reports from anywhere and as often as you need
  • Assign table numbers in one easy step
  • Define your event budget and track expenses throughout the process
  • Produce event-night bid sheets / item description sheets from templates
  • Export reports to excel for analyzing by the committee